Design an Efficient, Secure + Resilient Recovery Strategy with Compugen and Commvault

As organizations undertake change they inherently introduce large risk factors. This can be through new acquisitions, improved IT connectivity, or even hiring new employees. That’s why it’s become essential to “embrace the breach” and cultivate cyber-resiliency: your organization’s ability to bounce back from data breaches and attacks.


The complexity of contemporary technical infrastructure, the lack of resources and expertise, and the rapidly evolving nature of cyber threats all create a massive barrier for organizations to integrate recovery plans that are both cost-effective and realistic.


What you will take away from this session:


  • Business Continuity Focus: This session will ensure you have a good understanding of what is continuity problem, rather than merely a technology challenge.

  • Commvault Cloud Cleanroom™ Recovery: Commvault introduces their groundbreaking solution, the Commvault Cloud Cleanroom™ Recovery, which addresses data recovery needs.

  • Security Ecosystem Products: Commvault also highlights their security ecosystem products, emphasizing the importance of robust security measures.

  • Significance of Commvault’s Appranix Acquisition: The session delves into the significance of Commvault’s acquisition of Appranix, likely exploring synergies and strategic implications.


Event Details


  • Date: Thursday, June 27

  • Time: 3:00 - 5:00 pm MT

  • Location: Calgary Petroleum Club


As your technology ally, we will be working alongside you, and supporting you in reducing your business risks. We encourage you to meet your industry peers at this session and take the opportunity to network and exchange technology learning and insights with each other.



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