Podcast: Delivering on the Possibilities of Hybrid IT & Multi-Cloud

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Discover how organizations can leverage hybrid IT and multi-cloud environments to optimize their IT infrastructure and achieve their business goals. 


Watch the Podcast:

Delivering on the Possibilities of Hybrid IT & Multi-Cloud





Phil Soper, Chief Commercial Officer, HPE Canada

Mike Hilton, President, HPE Canada

Harry Zarek, President & CEO, Compugen Inc. 



Key Takeaways: 

    1. Hybrid IT combines on-premise and cloud-based infrastructure to create a flexible and scalable environment that meets the organization's needs.

    2. Multi-cloud refers to the use of multiple cloud providers for different purposes, such as using a public cloud for data analytics and a private cloud for sensitive data.

    3. Organizations should consider their business needs and IT requirements when deciding on the best mix of on-premise and cloud-based infrastructure.

    4. Automation, orchestration, and management tools are critical for optimizing hybrid IT and multi-cloud environments, enabling organizations to achieve consistent performance and availability across their infrastructure.

    5. Security is a key consideration when adopting hybrid IT and multi-cloud environments. Organizations need to implement a layered security approach that includes identity and access management, encryption, and monitoring.

    6. Partnering with a trusted service provider can help organizations design, implement, and manage their hybrid IT and multi-cloud environments, allowing them to focus on their core business objectives.


Overall, hybrid IT and multi-cloud environments offer organizations greater flexibility, scalability, and agility, enabling them to achieve their business objectives more efficiently. However, organizations need to carefully consider their business needs, IT requirements, and security concerns when adopting these environments and leverage automation and management tools to optimize their infrastructure.


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