Quick Bytes with Compugen: Apple + AI

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Welcome to our Quick Bytes Video Series, where we explore the integration of cutting-edge technology within Apple's ecosystem. In this video, we focus on AI and its transformative impact on Apple devices.

Join our Compugen experts, Chris Alfonso-De Leon, Business Manager at Compugen Inc., and Salvatore Cianchino, Consultant Modern Workspace at Compugen Inc., as they discuss how AI enhances the user experience in the Apple ecosystem.


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Key Takeaways


AI Integration + Benefits

AI is revolutionizing how we interact with technology, and Apple has seamlessly integrated it into their devices. From enhanced privacy and data governance to the ease of access and learnability, AI is at your fingertips, improving functionality and user experience.

Mac, powered by Apple’s silicon and its Neural Engine, is designed for AI and Machine Learning. With hardware optimized for AI, robust built-in macOS features, and third-party applications that leverage the Neural Engine and ML accelerators, Mac stands out as a leading AI PC in today's market.

Importance of a Device Refresh

Keeping your devices updated is crucial to leverage the full potential of AI capabilities. The latest AI advancements require modern hardware, and Apple Silicon is designed to handle these resource-intensive applications efficiently.


Microsoft 365 + CoPilot Integration 

Apple and Microsoft have worked together to ensure applications like Microsoft 365 and CoPilot operate flawlessly on macOS and iOS. This collaboration ensures a seamless, high-performance experience for users.


This is the first of five videos in this series. Check back regularly for the next in this series.


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