Quick Bytes with Compugen: Mac in Business

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In this video from our series, we delve into the benefits of using Macs in a business environment. Join Chris Alfonso-De Leon, Business Manager at Compugen Inc., and Salvatore Cianchino, Consultant Modern Workspace at Compugen Inc., as they explore why Macs are a preferred choice for businesses. 

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Key Takeaways


Robust Performance + Reliability

Macs are known for their robust performance and reliability. They offer long battery life and strong security features, ensuring that business data is protected and productivity is maximized.



While Macs may have a higher upfront cost, they offer lower operating costs over time due to their durability and higher resale value. Employee satisfaction and familiarity with the Apple ecosystem also contribute to their effectiveness in creative environments. 


Ease of Device Management

Macs integrate seamlessly within IT infrastructures, offering flexibility and versatility. Their easy management and strong performance make them an ideal choice for various business needs. 

This is the second of five videos in this series. Check back regularly for the next videos!


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