Unlock the full potential of our Azure infrastructure with Compugen’s comprehensive optimization services. Our proven approach ensures cost efficiency, robust security, and seamless performance for your cloud operations.

Expert Analysis + Customized Solutions

  • In-depth Review + Documentation

    • Current Architecture Review: Comprehensive assessment of your existing Azure architecture and deployment. 

    • Documentation Gathering: Analysis of design documents and Cloud Adoption Framework checklists. 

    • Gap Analysis: Identification of improvement areas to develop a customized optimization plan.

  • Cost Management + Resource Optimization

    • Cost Efficiency: Regular reviews to manage Azure costs, eliminate unused resources, and implement budgeting mechanisms. 

    • Resource Optimization: Ensuring optimal configuration of virtual machines and other resources using Azure Advisor recommendations and auto-scaling.


Enhance Security + Resource Optimization

  • Robust Security Measures
    • Security Review: Implementation of Microsoft Defender for Cloud for real-time threat protection and security analytics. 

    • Identity Management: Management of identity and access controls using Azure Entra ID, with regular updates to security settings. 

  • Governance + Compliance
    • Governance Policies: Setting up and enforcing governance policies for structured resource management. 

    • Compliance Assurance: Ensuring compliance with industry standards and organizational policies using Azure Policy. 


Continuous Monitoring + Support

  • Performance Monitoring
    • Proactive Monitoring: Using Azure Monitor and Azure Log Analytics to track performance metrics and set up alerts for proactive issue resolution.

    • Application Insights: Comprehensive application performance monitoring to ensure optimal performance.

  • Automation Disaster + Recovery
    • Routine Task Automation: Reducing manual intervention and errors using Azure Automation and Logic Apps. 

    • Disaster Recovery Plans: Implementing and regularly testing robust backup and disaster recovery solutions with Azure Site Recovery. 


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