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As the new school year approaches,  it's crucial to evaluate your school’s Chromebook inventory. Despite Chromebooks being designed for up to a decade of updates, daily student use often necessitates a refresh every three to four years.

Ensure your technology remains effective and up-to-date by following our key steps for a smooth refresh process and discover how Compugen can help you maximize educational impact and student success. 



Unlock the Checklist for a Successful Chromebook Refresh


In this comprehensive checklist, you'll discover how to:


  • Assess Your Current Inventory: Learn how to evaluate the state of your existing Chromebooks. 

  • Analyze School Needs: Understand the unique requirements of your educational environment. 

  • Select the Right Vendors: Tips for choosing reliable partners for your Chromebook refresh. 

  • Plan your Budget: Strategies to allocate funds effectively and explore financing options. 

  • Choose New Technology: Criteria for selecting the latest Chromebook models. 

  • Streamline Procurement: Best practices for purchasing and acquiring new devices. 

  • Deploy Effectively: Planning and executing a seamless rollout of new Chromebooks. 

  • Train + Support: Ensuring educators and students are well-prepared to use new technology. 

  • Establish a Support Framework: Setting up systems to maintain and support your devices. 

  • Continuously Improve: Monitoring and evaluating the impact of your refreshed Chromebook fleet. 

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