Seamless AI Integrations, Robust Security Features, and Modern Workspace Readiness at Your Fingertips

Windows 11 offers intuitive navigation, simple organization, and faster performance. Moreover, it supports new AI features, offers improved security controls, and delivers a modern user experience.  

What Can Windows 11 Do For You? 

Windows 11 sets the foundation to drive AI adoption at the workplace. Copilot with Chat GPT4-based large language model integration puts the latest generative AI capabilities at your fingertips. Meanwhile, enhanced image and video editing, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities, and multi-language live captions boost productivity. 


The convergence of hardware and software offers multiple layers of protection down to the firmware level to mitigate sophisticated threats. From passwordless access and phishing protection to UEFI Secure Boot and secured-core PC standards, the new OS’s got you covered. 


Moreover, Windows 11 helps enhance the modern workspace experience and supports secure, seamless hybrid working with Teams integration, a modern user interface, and digital email signatures. IT teams will welcome the Windows Autopilot and mobile device management capabilities to streamline deployment and maintenance. 


Orchestrate a Successful Windows 11 Transition 

Since software and hardware work together closely to enable Windows 11’s functionalities, reaping the benefits requires more than installing a new OS on existing machines. Many companies must perform a hardware refresh to support the new features. 


Additionally, you must dial in all the security settings based on your organization’s processes and business requirements and configure the applications to support your existing workflows. Also, don’t overlook staff training and change management to maximize new feature adoption and employee productivity. 


The good news is you don’t have to go it alone


We invite you to a conversation to explore how we can help you transition to Windows 11 with minimum downtime and disruption while maximizing your ROI. We’ll discuss how we can apply the latest AI integration, security configurations, and modern workspace features to help you deliver a secure and top-notch user experience. 


At Compugen, we go above and beyond delivering world-class IT services. We’re your Technology Ally to implement strategies and execute deployment based on your business objectives — helping you maximize your IT investment with a comprehensive approach that aligns with your long-term vision. 


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