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As IT directors, it's crucial to optimize your Azure environment to ensure cost efficiency, proper resource utilization, and effective management. You are responsible for maintaining a well-structured, secure, and high-performing cloud infrastructure.  



Compugen’s comprehensive checklist provides a structured approach to assess, optimize, and continuously improve your Azure environment. By following these best practices, you can achieve optimal performance, governance, and security in your cloud operations. 


Unlock the Checklist for a Successful Azure Optimization


In this comprehensive checklist, you'll discover how to:


  • evaluate your current Azure architecture and gather relevant documentation; 

  • enforce strategies to regularly review and manage Azure costs effectively; 

  • ensure your resources are optimally configured and utilize tools to improve performance and reduce costs; 

  • set up and enforce governance policies for resource management and compliance with industry standards; 

  • invoke robust security measures and manage identity and access controls efficiently; 

  • use tools to track performance metrics, set up alerts, and take proactive measures to optimize performance; 

  • automate routine tasks to reduce manual intervention and errors; and 

  • implement robust backup solutions and disaster recovery plans to ensure data resilience and quick recovery. 



Download the Checklist + Transform Your Azure Environment

Empower your team, streamline operations, and embark on the journey towards a more efficient and secure cloud infrastructure with Compugen as your Technology Ally. Book a Discovery Call with us today to leverage our expertise and ensure continuous optimization in governance, infrastructure health, and security.  


Let Compugen guide you through every step of your Azure optimization journey, ensuring your cloud infrastructure is secure, efficient, and always at peak performance. 


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