Case Study: Human-Centered Technology Enabled Approach to Healthcare

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Discover how technology innovation is driving a human-centered approach to healthcare. 

Through the seamless integration of Apple iOS and iPadOS devices, healthcare professionals are empowered to access vital information and communicate with the Epic health information system effortlessly.

Think streamlined clinical workflows, enhanced patient experiences, and the pivotal role of technology in ensuring accessibility, security, and automation in healthcare.


Watch the Video:

Doctors and nurses can seamlessly access the powerful Rover app on the Epic health information system. This enables a new era of human-centered, technology-enabled care marked by accessibility, security, and automation. The process flow illustrates how Apple iOS and iPadOS devices empower healthcare workers to access and communicate with the hospital's Epic system in real-time, allowing for support and medication administration at the tap of a screen.

Apple's innovation shines in terms of familiarity, intuitive user experience, and seamless transfer of protocols between departments and specialties. Automation ensures easy device sharing among multiple users in different settings, such as hospital beds, physical offices, and remote doctor visits. Security is prioritized, with Compugen automating different levels of authorization to maintain data integrity and patient privacy.


Key Takeaways: 

  • Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Digital adoption and innovation are transforming healthcare. Technology is becoming integral to optimizing clinical workflows and enhancing patient experiences.

  • Apple Devices Empower Healthcare Workers: Doctors and nurses use iPhone and iPad devices to seamlessly access the Rover app on the Epic health information system. This technology enables a human-centered, technology-enabled approach to healthcare.

  • Real-time Support and Medication Administration: Apple iOS and iPadOS devices allow healthcare professionals to access the hospital's Epic system in real-time. This enables immediate support and even medication administration, improving patient care and efficiency.

  • Compugen's Role: Compugen acts as a Technology Ally in healthcare by procuring, monitoring, and remotely supporting Apple devices. This approach reduces risk and ensures a fast and efficient time-to-value for healthcare organizations.

  • Device Management and Sustainability: Through integration with INTUNE, Compugen provides a single interface for managing Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Apple's Green4Good program allows for responsible device recycling, aligning with sustainability goals.

  • User-Friendly and Secure: Apple's intuitive user experience minimizes the learning curve for healthcare professionals. Automation ensures seamless device sharing across departments and specialties. Security measures are in place to protect patient data and privacy.

  • Commitment to a Healthier, Connected World: Apple and Compugen are dedicated to creating a healthier and more connected world through their technology solutions in healthcare.

In summary, the video emphasizes how Apple devices, combined with Compugen's support and device management services, are revolutionizing healthcare by providing healthcare professionals with efficient and secure tools to enhance patient care and streamline workflows. Additionally, the focus on sustainability and a commitment to data security and privacy underscores the comprehensive approach taken to improve healthcare delivery


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