Unlocking the full potential of collaboration, communication, and productivity within your organization is a top priority for every visionary leader. As we embrace the digital transformation era, it becomes evident that the key lies in cultivating a modern workspace that caters to the varying needs, preferences, and dynamics of employees. 

Crafting an exceptional modern workspace requires careful planning and strategic execution. Here are six essential steps to optimize your journey towards a truly transformative environment: 

1. Develop a Thoughtful Plan 

To ensure your modern workspace aligns with your vision, start by strategizing. Involve department leaders and employees in creating a comprehensive plan that includes an honest assessment of your current assets. Clearly define how the modern workspace will contribute to your enterprise goals and establish metrics for measuring return on investment. Create a well-defined timeline, outlining each phase and the roles of those involved. It's crucial to obtain stakeholder agreement on the goals and purpose of the new infrastructure before implementation. 

2. Prioritize the Employee Experience 

The success of a modern workspace hinges on empowering your workforce and fostering a positive employee experience. Your vision and goals should align with the overall business objectives, but it's equally vital to consider your employees' needs and expectations. Solicit their input and feedback during the planning stage to deliver a workspace experience that caters to their requirements and aspirations. 

3. Make Security Paramount 

As a modern workspace often involves numerous devices accessing enterprise networks, prioritizing cybersecurity is paramount. With the rise of mobile technology, cloud computing, and social media, data security risks increase. Address cybersecurity from the project's inception, implementing robust measures to safeguard your assets. Establish contingency plans, such as data backups to the cloud, to mitigate potential cyberattacks. 

4. Harness the Power of Automation 

Leverage automation to optimize operational efficiency and enhance employee experience. Identify repetitive tasks that can be automated to reduce operating expenses and free up valuable time for employees to focus on higher-value activities. Explore built-in automation capabilities within existing applications before integrating additional technologies. Even partial automation can significantly improve workflows and productivity. 

5. Provide Adequate Training 

Before implementing the new workspace, ensure employees receive proper training to familiarize themselves with the IT infrastructure. This allows them to align their workflows with the new platform and explore features that enhance productivity. Involve department heads and other key stakeholders in the training process to support users in acclimating to the workspace effectively. 

6. Reevaluate the Physical Workspace and Legacy Assets 

With the implementation of remote or hybrid work environments, it's crucial to assess physical space and existing assets. Consider how much space is truly necessary and embrace sustainable practices to reduce your enterprise's carbon footprint. Evaluate legacy assets to determine if they are still required and if they can seamlessly integrate into the new IT infrastructure. Streamline workflows and processes by eliminating redundant tools while ensuring a smooth transition for employees. 

Embarking on the journey towards a modern workspace can be complex, particularly without internal IT expertise. Compugen is a trusted partner that enterprises across all industries can rely on for guidance in creating a digital, modern workspace that fosters effective and productive employee collaboration. 


Enabling Their Best: A Human-centered, Technology-enabled Approach to Modern Work

Build a digital modern workspace that accommodates your diverse, multitalented and unique workforce regardless of how, where, and when they choose to work.

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