Modern work has forced organizations to rethink the employee experience. IT departments all over the world have become more nimble and agile than ever before to ensure these seamless employee experiences. From the bustling office hubs to the remote corners of the world, the efficiency and reliability of employee devices are at the heart of productivity.

But how can IT teams navigate the complexities of device management in a hybrid workplace? Compugen understands the weight of this responsibility for IT directors and has a solution to help elevate the hybrid workplace experience.

Enter HP Proactive Insights, a solution that empowers IT professionals to spot device issues before they disrupt workflows, all while optimizing the employee device experience and asset management.  

Redefining the Relationship Between Hybrid Workers + IT

No longer do we need to be caught off guard by device failures. With HP Proactive Insights, you can foresee potential issues and take proactive measures to prevent downtime, sparing your employees from unexpected disruptions and your IT department from scrambling to put a pot lid on a geyser.

But the benefits don't end there. Utilize the built-in feedback capabilities to gauge employee sentiment and gather invaluable insights through tailored surveys, guaranteeing continuous enhancement of their device experiences. 

Streamlining Multi-Vendor, Multi-OS Device Management

Managing a diverse array of devices shouldn't be a headache. HP Proactive Insights simplifies the process by providing preconfigured, easily customizable dashboards with multi-OS, multi-vendor support. Say goodbye to the avalanche of help desk tickets —address device and application issues before they escalate, with minimal intervention from your IT team. And with automatic remediation through Basic Input Output System (BIOS) management and updates, your IT staff can focus on strategic initiatives rather than firefighting. 

Navigating the Windows 11 Transition with Confidence

As IT departments gear up for the Windows 11 upgrade, uncertainty looms. But fear not —with HP Proactive Insights, you can navigate the transition with confidence. Gain actionable intelligence on device readiness, identify compatibility issues, and prioritize devices for refresh. Imagine the peace of mind knowing that every device in your fleet is primed for the future of Windows. 

Unleashing the Power of Proactive Insights

HP Proactive Insights isn't just a tool — it's a comprehensive solution that transcends hardware and applications. With hardware insights, gain visibility into critical components to prevent emerging issues. Dive deep into application insights to diagnose performance issues and ensure robust security profiles. And with employee insights, understand the pulse of your workforce and tailor experiences to drive productivity and satisfaction.

In partnership with Compugen — your Technology Ally — HP Proactive Insights unlocks a new era of proactive device management and employee empowerment. Embrace the future of work with confidence. Seize the power of proactive insights.

Download the Checklist: Assessing Your Needs for HP Proactive Insights

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