On March 7, 2024, Compugen and Microsoft co-hosted an insightful webinar titled "Navigating the Future of AI with Compugen and Microsoft." Presenting were Compugen's Senior Manager of Solutions, Roger Barbeau, and Microsoft's Principal Cloud Solution Architect, Robert Gates. Together, they offered a compelling vision of the technological landscape.

Demystifying AI

The webinar started with Compugen President Harry Zarek addressing attendees. And as Harry so often does, he set the stage perfectly: “AI has captivated everyone's attention and either you feel very fearful because you're unclear as to what it can do, or you think that it might be a fad. And my message here to you is that it's neither of those; that in fact this is the next major transformation that will happen in our technology industry.” As the world braces for the long-term impact of AI, Compugen is embarking on a journey to demystify AI and showcase its practical applications in revolutionizing productivity and workflow automation.

An Insightful Analogy

Harry continued with a compelling analogy, likening the evolution of AI to the internet's revolutionary journey. He reminded us that understanding AI's potential requires time and exploration, much like the internet's gradual commercialization. One myth about AI that needs to be debunked is that AI is going to replace workers. The fact is, workers will not be replaced by AI; workers that don’t understand how to harness AI’s power, and use it to be more productive and efficient, will be replaced by those that do. As Harry notes, "There will be time for you to understand what AI is."

Demystifying AI

Collaborative at the Core

Once Harry turned the controls over to Roger and Robert, the webinar unfolded with a compelling narrative on the transformative power of AI in driving progress and reshaping business landscapes. With technology serving as the cornerstone of modern enterprises, AI emerges as the driving force behind modern digital initiatives. Roger and Robert showcased the strength of their collaborative partnership, rooted in a shared commitment to innovation and excellence. Together, they demonstrated how their combined expertise amplifies capabilities, propelling organizations toward unparalleled success.

AI in Action

At the heart of the discussion was Copilot — an ingenious AI tool designed to enhance productivity and foster creativity across a myriad of tasks. Through captivating live demonstrations, attendees saw AI in action, marveling at its ability to accelerate workflows, generate code snippets, and provide intelligent suggestions. The highlight of the demo was AI's content creation capabilities. Robert effortlessly converted an outline into a fully-fledged Word document and PowerPoint presentation, showcasing AI’s potential to revolutionize content creation processes. Within a few moments, users can generate a presentation — in this case, a 23-slide deck — in a matter of moments, saving time and allowing users to be more productive.

Redefining the Future of Work

The conversation delved deep into the profound impact of AI tools like Copilot on the future of work. By streamlining processes, fostering collaboration, and unlocking new realms of possibility, AI appears as the catalyst for reimagining how we work and innovate. As the webinar concluded, attendees were extended a compelling invitation — to embark on their AI journey with Copilot. If you’re interested in learning more about the future of AI, we encourage you to watch the webinar in its entirety.

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