One of the keys to unlocking the modern workspace is to integrate technology that seamlessly combines innovation with efficiency without any hassle. As your Technology Ally, Compugen can help you envision, design, and deliver innovation and efficiency to your employees.

Today's MacBook laptop is designed for the modern workspace. And if you allow us, we will take you on a journey of seamless integration and high performance, helping you meet your needs for the modern workplace.

In this blog, we will explore how the Apple chip enhances the artificial intelligence capabilities of the MacBook and discuss its seamless integration into different work environments. Finally, we will address common misconceptions about managing Apple devices on a large scale.

Dream Big

With Apple silicon at the helm, every MacBook is like a turbo-charged rocket ship, blasting you into a realm of unparalleled user experience. Say goodbye to clunky workflows and hello to a world where tasks glide effortlessly between devices. Continuity features integrate your MacBook, iPhone, and iPad enabling tasks like sharing files with AirDrop, presenting content via AirPlay, and completing purchases with Apple Pay. It offers the convenience of Auto Unlock, Continuity Camera for scanning and markup, Handoff for smooth transitions between devices, and Text Message Forwarding for unified communication ensuring a streamlined and efficient user experience.

Get Playful with AI  

But wait, there's more. MacBook is powered by Apple silicon and features a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) Apple calls the Neural Engine, making them the AI wizards of the workplace! With their Central Processing Units (CPU), Neural Processing Unit (NPU), and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) working together in perfect harmony, the MacBook brings both efficiency and performance. Picture a world where background noise in Teams meetings magically disappears, and documents translate themselves faster than you can say "Technology Ally." MacBook incorporation of the NPU is a game-changer, unlocking a wide range of AI capabilities that revolutionize productivity and innovation across industries.

Scale New Heights  

Today’s Chief Innovation Officers are looking for scalability and adaptability in new workplace technology. And now, MacBook seamlessly integrates into any workplace environment with ease and efficiency, enhancing compatibility with Microsoft Intune. From the boardroom to the factory floor, MacBook empowers users to deliver their best work confidently while offering IT managers peace of mind. 

Need proof? Just ask the folks at the major Canadian bank who teamed up with Compugen to revolutionize their device management approach. Combining Microsoft Intune and Compugen's expertise, they modernized their IT infrastructure, reduced costs, and maximized efficiency, all while ensuring seamless integration and security across platforms.  

Let’s Bust Some Myths 

Forget what you've heard — or thought you knew — about managing Apple devices in large fleets. Modern management methods, like using Intune with Apple Business Manager, are here to dispel those myths and make your tech dreams come true. With streamlined deployment, rock-solid security, and robust application management, MacBook emerges as the ultimate partner in the quest for organizational success. 

Ready to revolutionize your fleet management? Don't let doubts hold you back from experiencing the seamless management of Mac devices. Download our one-pager today and discover how Compugen can help you unlock the full potential of your fleet. 

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