The shift towards hybrid work is no longer a choice but a necessity, pushing businesses to find solutions that can effectively support this new work dynamic. However, establishing a hybrid work environment is not without its challenges, requiring additional resources and processes that often come with hefty costs.

Enter Surface and Microsoft 365, the dynamic duo that empowers organizations to enable hybrid work seamlessly while optimizing operations, ensuring efficiency, and fostering a safe and collaborative work environment. By combining the power of Surface devices with the comprehensive suite of Microsoft 365 tools, businesses can do more with less, maximizing productivity and driving growth.

Investing in Surface: A Gateway to Business Growth

When it comes to investing in devices for your organization, choosing the right one is paramount. Surface stands out as a solution that goes beyond mere functionality; it enables your team to thrive, saves valuable time, and reduces overall business costs. With Surface, you can expect a superior employee experience, significant device savings, and a simplified IT system. By leveraging Surface, you can drive business growth by redirecting funds to critical processes and investments.

Blending Surface with Microsoft 365: The Perfect Pairing

The seamless integration of Surface devices with Microsoft 365 creates a simple, modern, secure, and collaborative work environment that fosters interaction and boosts productivity. The flexibility and superior performance of Surface models, combined with advanced Microsoft software, redefine remote work. Users can effortlessly work how and wherever they want, enjoying a seamless and stylish experience.

Surface Devices: Where Innovation Meets Sustainability and Inclusivity

Microsoft is dedicated to developing powerful devices that deliver the best possible work experience. Surface devices exemplify this commitment with their premium quality, industry-leading conferencing capabilities, ergonomic and user-centric designs, and intuitive features. However, the value of Surface extends beyond performance and aesthetics. Microsoft's commitment to sustainability ensures that Surface devices are built with integrity, designed to minimize carbon impact, and contribute to a greener future. Moreover, inclusivity is at the core of Microsoft's mission, ensuring that Surface devices empower every individual, regardless of their abilities, to maximize their potential in the workplace.

Do More with Less: The Power of Microsoft 365 and Surface

Microsoft 365 and Surface work in perfect harmony, enabling users to achieve more with fewer resources in three crucial ways: eliminating redundant solutions, simplifying IT management, and empowering users to work according to their unique preferences.

Windows 11, the latest and most advanced operating system, along with the suite of office tools, is specifically designed to cater to the needs of digital workers. Windows 11 supports various working styles, enhances security, and fosters collaboration, ultimately boosting productivity in the hybrid work environment.

Safety and Security: Fortifying Your Work Environment

Surface devices come equipped with robust multi-layered security features that proactively prevent, detect, and respond to threats and anomalies across the cloud, operating system, firmware, and hardware.

Additionally, Microsoft's upgraded security framework, built on the zero-trust philosophy, ensures that your data and networks are continuously protected. With Surface, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your sensitive information is safeguarded against potential risks.

Lifecycle of a Device: Streamlined Deployment with Windows Autopilot

In traditional office settings, deploying new devices was often a complex and time-consuming process, involving custom images, numerous cables, and USB sticks for every new device. Recognizing this challenge, Microsoft introduced Windows Autopilot, an office deployment tool that streamlines and automates the deployment process for new Surface devices.

With Autopilot, creating a deployment profile in the Endpoint Manager, assigning it through Azure AD and Intune, and shipping the device directly to the user becomes a breeze. Users can simply log in, and all the necessary apps and policies are automatically deployed. When a user leaves the organization, the device can be easily reprovisioned via Autopilot Reset for another user, minimizing waste. Finally, when a device reaches the end of its lifespan, it can be deprovisioned using the same tool and removed efficiently.

Advantages Galore: Embracing the Surface Advantage

Choosing Surface and Windows Autopilot offers numerous advantages beyond the streamlined deployment experience. These include:

  • Surface devices shipped with Microsoft's signature image, ensuring consistency and reliability.

  • Preloaded office installation files, allowing for faster deployment and immediate productivity.

  • Cloud-based management of Surface firmware through Microsoft Endpoint Manager, simplifying IT management and updates.

  • Automatic removal of devices from enrollment when returned to Microsoft, ensuring data security and device management integrity.


By harnessing the power of Surface and Microsoft 365, businesses can effectively navigate this new terrain and unleash the full potential of their workforce. With Surface, you invest in business growth while optimizing resources, enabling a safe and collaborative work environment, and driving productivity. Combined with the comprehensive suite of Microsoft 365 tools, Surface empowers businesses to do more with less, facilitating seamless hybrid work and positioning them for success in the digital era.

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