A Human-centered, Technology-enabled Approach to Experience by Design

Technology has always moved at a fast clip, but the ongoing global expansion of IT has led organizations down some very complex paths. Each new feature, platform, program, and device adds its own unique twist to the network, and all the interconnected components can quickly become difficult to manage. 


Compugen is Canada's only Technology Ally, and as one of the largest privately-held companies from compliance to cloud storage, we've seen companies from all sectors struggle to thoroughly define what technology they need, let alone plan ahead for the installation, adoption, management, and optimization of it. 


In this Guide, You'll Learn:
  • Key trends + industry insights 

  • The evolution of IT services, support, and resources

  • Reasons to adopt an outsourced approach to Service

  • Key Partner Service Catalogue Requirements

  • Real-world examples + testimonials

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