At Compugen, the phrase “Dream. Design. Deliver.” encapsulates the ethos driving the company forward. For Wahed Mokhtar, these words represent a holistic approach that intertwines innovation, collaboration, and execution.  

In our ongoing Dream Team Profiles series, we shine a spotlight on the remarkable individuals within our organization. Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to Wahed Mokhtar, Director, Field Service Delivery and Technical Services overseeing Compugen’s branches across Canada.  

Wahed is a blend of a Dreamer, Designer, and Deliverer, embodying the spirit of Compugen’s mission. 

A Journey Rooted in Innovation + Growth 

Wahed’s journey in IT began in 1989 after earning his electrical engineering degree from Carleton University. His career commenced at ComputerLand, where he honed his skills until 2006. That year marked a pivotal moment as he joined Compugen as a District Manager for the Quebec City office.  Image

Over the years, his role expanded significantly, encompassing the entire Quebec province and later, Ontario branches. Today, he leads Compugen’s Product, Support Services (PSS) field dispatch team, which includes the Service Desk, Depot, Reuse Center, and the Hands and Feet on the road field dispatch team. 

Reflecting on his tenure, one of Wahed’s proudest achievements was transforming Quebec City's yearly revenue from $400,000 to more than $7,000,000. This remarkable growth was the result of close collaboration with the sales team, particularly with Jean Picher, the Sales Team Director.  

“Working closely with our sales team, specifically with Jean Picher, we were able to grow the business to more than seven-million dollars per year,” says Wahed.  “I was proud of our success and the collaboration with our sales team." 

Driven by Excellence + Curiosity 

Wahed’s drive for success is fueled by his passion for setting and surpassing goals. And his aversion to the status quo propels him to seek new challenges and continually improve processes. 

"I always write my goals down and always target overachieving my personal and company goals," he explains.  "I don’t like the status quo’s approach; I always look for new challenges and how to do things better, not afraid of failure.” 

In his interactions with colleagues and clients, Wahed emphasizes the importance of curiosity and asking the right questions. This approach ensures that Compugen can design and implement solutions that align with their clients' aspirations.  

"To be curious and ask the right questions is crucial," he notes. "It helps us identify key aspirations and work together on designing and implementing the best solutions." 

Balancing Professional Accomplishments with Personal Passions 

Outside of his professional life, Wahed is equally driven by his personal interests. An avid swimmer, he completes 120 laps in an hour without stopping, showcasing his endurance and discipline. He enjoys mountain climbing with his daughters, Amelie and Sarah, and cherishes moments with his wife, Hanan, and their younger children, Rakan and Eilan.  

Wahed also loves traveling and exploring new places, which brings a balanced perspective to his life. He has a particular fondness for Rome, Paris and Orlando (with the kids). 

Vision for the Future 

Looking ahead to the latter half of 2024, Wahed is excited about the potential for innovation and automation. He sees tremendous value in enhancing processes to deliver efficient and excellent service to Compugen’s customers.  

"The continuation of innovation, automation, and improvements of our processes is something that excites me," Wahed shares. "I would like to see the result of using AI on our technician's knowledge base." 

If given the chance to switch roles for a day, Wahed would choose to step into the shoes of a sales director. He believes this experience would offer valuable insights into the pressures faced by the sales team, fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges in acquiring new clients and expanding services for existing ones.  

"I want to understand what we go through to perform and deliver excellent customer service,” Wahed explains. “I would like to experience the dedication our sales team puts into building relationships with new clients and enhancing services for our existing customers."  

When asked about a superpower he’d like to have, Wahed envisions a power that would significantly reduce human errors and streamline customer service.  

"I would like to have the power of finding ways to eliminate manual efforts and automate most of our processes,” he says. “That would help with eliminating human errors and provide repeatable and efficient customer service."  

As Wahed continues to lead and inspire at Compugen, he hopes to be remembered as a kind leader who genuinely cares for his team and respects them.  

"I would like people to remember me as a kind person that likes to take care of his team and respects them," Wahed reflects.  

His legacy is one of dedication, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, making him an integral part of Compugen’s Dream Team. 

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