Over the past few years, we have all seen a dramatic shift in our work environment. Gone are the days of commuting to the office to make it in for that 8 am meeting. We are now in a distributed and highly mobile workspace where meetings are held in virtual rooms (choose your background), sitting in front of our laptops at the kitchen table, with a smartphone and tablet within reach. 

Modern Work Environments

At Compugen, we recognize that these changes have presented additional challenges for IT teams, specifically in device lifecycle management. Our team has been directly impacted, too. We are well-versed in deploying hundreds of devices across 5 or 6 office locations. Now, in today's remote working environment, we are managing that same fleet of devices and shipping them to hundreds of locations. So, we asked ourselves, how can we balance all the components efficiently and cost-effectively while allowing our employees to work where and how they want in a secure, productive, and tech-enabled environment? Introducing— Integrated Device Lifecycle Services (IDLS), a new Compugen service built for and by IT professionals and designed to enhance the employee experience. 

Managing the Lifecycle of Employee Devices

Expanding on the concept of Device as a Service (DaaS), IDLS bundles all device management components into a flexible, monthly subscription-based service.  We assess your needs and the state of your provisioning environment, procure, deploy, manage, and refresh all of your end-user Windows devices. Start to finish. No more managing multiple partners or juggling various contracts. IDLS has it all covered. Plus, customers that we’ve talked to like the idea of turning device management into a predictable operating expense as opposed to a fixed capital cost. 

Our IDLS team of experts is an extension of your team, your ally in an end-to-end integrated approach to device lifecycle management. From the initial assessment to helping minimize downtime with proactive device health monitoring and reporting to managing the recovery and refresh of devices and everything in between, we are there with you every step of the way. 

I know firsthand what a game-changer IDLS has been for my IT team here at Compugen. Device recovery and disposal alone was nothing but a hassle for me and my team in the past. IDLS ticks both the recovery and sustainability boxes for you too. Through programs like Green4Good, we'll ensure the devices are wiped clean and reuse or recycle the device in an environmentally responsible way. 

A modern IT Department requires an innovative and strategic approach to manage the lifecycle of employee devices. A modern workforce expects autonomy. IDLS frees up your IT team's time to focus on strategic organizational initiatives and elevates your staff user experience to the next level. 

So, whether you need to support hundreds or many thousands of users, IDLS provides everything you need to procure, deploy, support, and repurpose Windows devices, while providing a great employee experience. 

Learn more by visiting: https://engage.compugen.com/en-ca/compugen-integrated-device-lifecycle-services 5886 EN CTA for Blog to LP (1200 x 350 px)


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